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Dana Iscoff went out of her way to destroy my position in family court.I knew at our first meeting that she had made her mind up about me,and I told her so,this caused her to smile.Dana took anything my wife said and agreed with it at face value.Dana fought my wifes battles.She was supposed to do an assessment,but a tiny little paragraph in her contract said she could go anywhere she wants to go.She insisted on only talking about my drug and alcohol days,I have been in recovery 19 years.Dana interviewed a man that I had won a judgement against.Dana interviewed my ex girlfriends husband.Dana told me on my third visit that I was pretty effed up!With a jocular demeanor she said that I needed drugs.Dana has no boss,no one to answer to.Iam surrounded by family court professionals who cannot believe how devious she is and unprofessional!DANA ISCOFF praised a halfway house and says she has 3 months sober,but she took that down.Read all of her reviews and you will hear similar horror stories!



She got shipped off to rehab again.Think you can buy your way out of addiction, Dana?

No, you can't. It takes coming clean with all the horrible things you have been doing to innocent children and to their parents all these years. It is eating you up. You need to call everyone you messed over and ask for forgiveness and then make amends--that includes the children you destroyed.

It means resigning from Family Court. San Francisco is a small town, Dana. Word gets out really fast; there is no anonymity. It is hysterical that you are now listing yourself as a therapist who can help people with addiction.

Apparently, you can't keep your mouth off a bottle or your butt off a bar stool. People see you from the street sitting on that back bar stool in the darkened lounge you go to for "lunch" on Fillmore. Maybe the Rabbi can help you. No one in the congregation is willing to; you are an embarrassment to our temple.

The only reason you show up once a year is to pass out your cards and ask for atonement. You don't seem to understand God is in charge, not you.

Just because you ask to be forgiven, doesn't mean you are.I'd say, from what I am reading about you all over the web, He is handing out justice.

San Francisco, California, United States #963164

Sober?She had the distinct smell of alcohol on her breath at 11 AM when I met with her.

When I left the room, and the door was still open, I happen to look back and see her reach in her "filing cabinet" and grab a swig from a bottle of liquor. She acts like a mean, nasty drunk.

You only have to read a few of her reports to get she must have written them drunk.They don't make any sense.

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I had the same problem In Contra Costa Family Court with my mediator Mary Jo Dierickx.I have been wondering about the Atty and mediator relationship.

I also have found out our Family Courts are run by CEOs and it's a 80 billion dollar year business. REALLY? How did the day come we have a CEO running Family Court? I have filed a complaint against this evil person and hoping for some justice for my children.

Family Court is kidnapping children from stable parents.The time is NOW for reform and these clowns to be accountable for their craziness.

to Daun #1194925

Daun I'd be interested in hearing what happened with your case.We noticed a concerning issue with Mary Jo Dierickx as well in our most recent case.

If you get this, feel free to email me at ness4film@gmail.com.


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Daun, what happened with Mary Jo? She was my mediator and I can't believe her ruling. Did you get any justice?

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Justice in the Family Court System?It doesn't operate with "justice." If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in it, you are going to be dealing with crooked thieves, a tank full of blood thirsty sharks.

You DO have recourse. A Judge in Contra Costa County finally got disgusted and removed the licenses of 7 custody evaluators in one swoop, their professional licenses. One of them had written a book called, "How to Do a Custody Evaluation." Custody evaluations are big dollars for low life *** that go into psychology with the sole purpose of raking in the money; they don't have the personality or empathy to be therapists. Don't expect any kind of fairness from them.

They live by the newer version of the golden rule, "Them that's got the gold wins." Ask Family Court Services how you can file a complaint. Contact the Justice Department. Your family court attorney is NOT going to do it for you. They have to work with these monsters on other cases and do not want to alienate them.

There are several parent organizations that have formed. Google them.

Attend and get the support you need and the solutions.Mothers, fathers, grandparents and caregivers attend the groups.


She's a filthy, dirty family court crook.Please write the Head of Family Court and report her.

A trip to the Justice Department is also in order. What she does is align herself with a group of attorneys and psychologists. If your attorney is not in her "litigation circle," you can kiss your child good bye. The custody ring (the term for the illegal organization) extends as far away as Sonoma County and south to San Mateo.

In terms of money, there is no limit as to what she and her cronies are willing to charge. She should be locked up and the key thrown away.

I've never met a more cruel and greedy individual in my life.She told my young child the single time she interviewed him that he "was weird."

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